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journalists from 49 countries come to china to join “deep exploration of chinese culture 2019”

  the opening ceremony of the program “deep exploration of chinese culture 2019”, hosted by china public diplomacy association (cpda) and undertaken by beijing international chinese college (bicc) was launched on march 18, 2019. 50 journalists from 49 african and asia-pacific countries attended the ceremony.

  the program is to provide an opportunity to learn chinese and explore chinese culture for foreign journalists who come to china for advanced studies. it has been held for 5 years.

  bicc invited an orchestra permanently stationed at the national center for the performing arts to perform for the journalists.

  gui fan, vice principal of bicc, said that she was glad to welcome so many journalists after the two sessions (the annual meetings of the national people’s congress and the chinese people’s political consultative conference). she trusted that the journalists have obtained much information after reporting about the two sessions. she hoped that the journalists could learn chinese and have a better understanding of chinese history, culture and social development.

  gao yuan, bicc’s program director, asked the journalists to finish their “homework”—to participate in the photographic exhibition, “china in my eyes”, and the writing competition, “china in my works”, after they finish the program.

  it’s hoped that these 50 journalists will record their 9-month stay in china with cameras and pens, which may be one of their most precious memories in life.

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