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ceremony of “lancang-mekong brightness journey in laos” held in vientiane

  on may 10, “ceremony of lancang-mekong brightness journey in laos” was held in full-time secondary school of vientiane, laos. mr. liu biwei, vice president of china public diplomacy association (cpda), organizer of the event, h.e. wang wentian, chinese ambassador to laos, vice president yang zhikuan of aier eye group and senior officials from laos attended the program. more than 100 teachers and students from full-time secondary school were present at the ceremony.

  vice president liu biwei of cpda introduced the progress of “brightness journey in mekong river” since it was launched in 2016. he said that the second term program of brightness journey (healthy vision brightness journey for students from primary and secondary schools in mekong) will be launched in full-time secondary school in vientiane and two other secondary schools in laos where vision inspection will be conducted. it is projected that the number of students who will receive vision screening will reach 3,700 and glasses donation will cover 20%. these glasses will be manufactured in china and mail to the schools who will be responsible for distributing to the students.

  liu biwei said that this year marks the third year of lancang-mekong cooperation mechanism. through joint efforts, china and five countries in mekong region have created remarkable lancang-mekong model, forged a lancang-mekong pattern where leaders take the lead, all directions are covered, and all departments participate. the two sides have also demonstrated a lancang-mekong speed at which progress has been achieved daily, monthly and yearly. a lancang- mekong culture is being formed which is treating each other on equality, helping each other with sincerity, and regarding each other as members of the family. it is believed that lancang-mekong cooperation will become an example of sub-region cooperation during the process of the belt and road initiative, a golden brand of constructing asian community of mutual destiny, and make positive contribution to implementing un 2030 agenda of sustainable development as well as building new-type international relations with win-win situation as its core.

  deputy minister of education and sports, assoc. prof dr khamphay sisavanh said during his speech that “mekong brightness journey” has brought actual benefits to the people of countries along the mekong river and has further strengthened relations of friendly cooperation between china and these countries. laos regards highly of the sincere help by chinese government and extends its heartfelt thanks to the participating organizations, relevant chinese departments and institutions that have implemented the projects as well as diligent work by member staff of the chinese medical team.

  ambassador wang wentian said that “healthy vision brightness journey for students from primary and secondary schools in mekong” will be a new achievement delivered by traditional friendship between china and laos and vivid evidence of new chapter for china-laos cultural exchanges. it will also build a bridge that connects the hearts and minds of the peoples and make contribution to community of shared destiny between china and laos that is unbreakable and boasts strategic significance.

  vice president yang zhikuan of aier eye group mentioned that the burden of the eye increases daily as electronic products are widely used, and vision health has turned into a problem of public health that calls for global concern. aier eye hospital group has sent its best doctors to conduct vision screening for adolescents in countries of the sub-region, helping them to create clear vision, spreading knowledge concerning eye-caring, and promote cooperation between the two countries in the field of ophthalmology.

  “mekong brightness journey” program was included in the joint list of early harvest project during the 1st lancang-mekong cooperation summit in 2016. during its first term, china public diplomacy association has organized aier eye group and affiliated ophthalmology center of xiamen university to conduct free operation on cataract extraction in laos, cambodia and myanmar. more than 3,000 patients received inspections, diagnosis and treatments, and about 800 patients recovered their sight after their operations. the second term of brightness journey will mainly focus on vision health of adolescents of countries along the mekong river. this program is organized by china public diplomacy association and co-organized by overseas chinese charity foundation of china, aier eye hospital group as well as eye care foundation, etc.

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